About us

SigmaVoIP has been the foremost pioneer in the VoIP industry.

As a company that evolved and branched off an award-winning, world-class Sytems/Network Integrator for large enterprises, we have the experience, know-how, and resources to handle all of your telecommunications and networking needs with Solutions that deliver unparalleled dependability and low operating costs. Our uptime is also unmatched, with a 99.999% over the last five years, our infrastructure has been able to handle thousands of hacking attempts daily, the failure of interconnected carriers, natural disasters, and much more.

We were also the first VoIP carrier to offer HD (High Definition) Audio, and we still remain one of the very few that offer it.

Our dial by DID HD Video calling and conferencing is also the best in class and used in courtrooms, law firms, and healthcare nationwide. No other provider has been able to offer this to date.