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General F.A.Q.

What IP PBX are supported?
We fully support 3CX but our SIP{ trunk will work perfectly fine with all SIP capable IP PBX systems.

Can I use an ATA (FXS adapter) or SIP Phone with your service?
Yes you can as long as they support SIP.

Can I keep my phone number?
In most cases you can retain your phone number. The process of taking the phone number over to us is called PORTING. SigmaVoIP covers most the country but it is best to email sales@sigmavoip.com to ask if your number is portable to us. The porting process can take from 2 days to 30 days based on the carrier releasing the number.

How quickly can the service be turned up?
Usually we turn up a SIP trunk within 2 business hours.

What are the terms or contract?
We do not require any term. Your service is on a 30 day basis and you can cancel at any time. If you seek a waiver of porting fees then we may require a term.

How many channels/paths or concurrent calls do you support?
All of our accounts support unlimited channels. Each phone number (DID) can receive as many concurrent calls as your IP PBX or phone can handle. Likewise for outbound calls.

What are your International rates?
Please follow this link for our most recent International Premium Rates.

Do you support 911 service?
Yes we do, once you setup your account you can specify the address associated with any outbound caller ID that you will use. This makes it also very effective for companies with a single IP PBX server that handles remote offices/users. Our e911 calls are terminated within the same centers that any landline call would go to.

How reliable is your SIP Trunk?
SigmaVoIP has only had a 13 second downtime in the last 18 months and it was within a scheduled maintenance window.

How is the voice quality?
We are one of the very few VoIP providers to support HD audio (g722) and because of our superior Network Architecture, all calls are routed in the most efficient way to the other party's carrier. This results in crystal clear audio.

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal. Large Enterprise accounts can use EFT via ACH.

How does support work?
All of our technical support requests are channeled into a ticketing system (link) to ensure a prompt reply as well as to maintain the highest SLA. In the event of a business critical (full outage) you may contact our Emergency Support Team by calling 203-541-5450.

What if my server or Internet goes down?
We have you covered! Our switches automatically detect the inability to reach your server or if your server is having trouble and your incoming calls can be automatically re-routed to your designated destination. This service is offered at no charge on all accounts.

How much Internet bandwidth do I need?
The best audio quality is achieved using the g722 and g711u (PCMU) codecs, you should assume that each call will consume about 90Kbps in each direction (upload and download). If you do not have enough bandwidth to support the desired number of concurrent calls using the above codecs, please let us know because we can assist you in using a codec that can compress your voice and require up to 60% less bandwidth. 


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